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Organic and Natural Fibre Fabrics For Toxic Free and Cleaner Clothing

What to Wear? 
 "The Solution" is simple!

Organic Cotton  

Organic Wool

Organic Hemp

Organic Linen

Cleaner Cotton




Fibershed produced Wool



Peace Silk, Raw Silk, Wild Silk


Natural Fibre Blends
Organic clothing is free and void of toxic and hazardous chemicals to include pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.  The fabric contains organic or natural dyes, sometimes low impact dyes and there are no finishes containing toxic chemicals applied to the fabric or finished garment such as wrinkle resistance or stain resistance. 

Below is just a snippet of companies producing organic clothing from farm to garment.  These companies offer transparency in their supply chain, obtain the proper certification and go beyond being just "GREEN" by committing to sustainable business practices in all areas of their business operation.
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