Organic Clothing Alliance


Negatively Impacting Your Health

*Acrylic acid-Irritating and corrosive to the skin. Attributed to pulmonary edema- (respiratory failure).  

*Acetone-Organic compound linked to mutation, epilepsy, and chronic neurotoxicity. 

*Ammonia-A combination of hydrogen and nitrogen. It is caustic and hazardous. 

*Benzene-A natural constitute of crude oil and one of the most elementary petrochemicals. It is used in dyes, rubber and detergents and has been linked to aplastic anemia, acute leukemia and bone marrow cancer. Between the years of 1975-2002 cases of lymphocytic leukemia increased by 84%. Now twelve years later in an even more toxic world can you imagine the numbers? 

*Bromines-Strong smelling chemical used as flame retardant. 

*Cadmium- A heavy metal used in the dye process. It's linked to kidney failure, bone softening, liver failure and lung cancer.
*Carbon disulphide-A fowl smelling chemical used in the production of viscose rayon. Must see EPA Report!

*Carcinogen- A cancer producing substance. 

*Caustic soda-Lye and is corrosive. It is very harmful to all living tissue.  

*Colors and dyes-synthetic known carcinogens and cause cancer.

Acid and Azo—Should never be used. 
Basic Red 9 and 46—Violet 14 
Direct Blue 6—Black 38—Red 28—Brown 95 
Disperse Blue 1, 106 and 124---Brown 1—Yellow 1 and 3—Orange 1, 311, 13 and 149. 

*Dioxins-Chlorine reacting with “organic” compounds forms dioxins-a potent carcinogen, reproductive and developmental toxicant. It alters the immune and endocrine system and is also known as PBT’s (persistent bio- accumulative toxicants).  

*Flame retardants-Include many chemical trade names (PBC, PBDE, Tris and Chlorinated Tris). The chemicals have been linked to thyroid disease, reproductive and neurodevelopmental problems, immune suppression, cancer and SID (Sudden Infant Death). The industry supposedly replaced Tris and Chlorinated Tris with a safer product, but would you trust the replacement? There is no real regulation for the use of Tris in China where most of these products are made.

*Formaldehyde-A highly toxic and colorless chemical used to preserve dead bodies. Used to create anti- wrinkle, anti-static, easy care, odor proof, anti-bacterial, etc. It is known to cause cancer, skin ulcerations, heart palpitations, eczema, asthma and many other serious health conditions.

*Nano particles and Nano Silver-Microscopic materials including prefluorinated chemical compounds, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and aluminum which have the ability to penetrate the skin and be absorbed directly into the blood stream. Nano particles cause brain damage and affect the central nervous system. Examples of nano particles are fluid fabrics, smart fabrics and spray on fashion.

*Nonylphenol ethoxylates- The chemical has the ability to mimic natural estrogen hormones and is highly toxic to aquatic life. It has been proven to be a hormone disruptor for humans and affects the reproductive system. It destroys the environment. It is found in major clothing brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. 

*PBT’S-Substances are a class of compounds that have high resistance to degradation very dangerous to the environment and high toxicity. 

*Perchloroethylene-or Perc- A chemical solvent used in dry cleaning. Exposure to the chemical increases the risk of bladder, esophageal and cervical cancer. It also reduces fertility.  

*Permethrin-A highly toxic insecticide applied to children and outdoor clothing to prevent bug bites. The chemical causes brain damage, disrupts hormones, contributes to reproduction abnormalities and sever skin sores that won’t heal. Do not buy any clothing treated with this chemical. 

*PFC-Preflourinated chemicals-The US Environmental Protection Agency classifies as a cancer causing agent. Chemical is used to make fabric stain resistant. Two hundred scientists in 38 countries speak out on PFC's.

*Phthalates-Heavily used in screen printing. Plastisol is a suspension of polyvinyl chloride particles in a plasticizer also known as phthalates. It's a reproductive and developmental toxin that causes changes in the testes, damages sperm count, infertility and causes severe irritation, rash and bleeding. It has also been linked to rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal cavity) and asthma. The chemicals are also known as PBT’s (persistent bioaccumulative toxicants). 

*Polyurethane-Used in the health care industry (examining table). Chemical associated with asthma and bronchitis. Chronic exposure in sensitive individuals can be fatal.  

*Toluene-A divertive of crude oil and can cause severe neurological harm when inhaled. It is used to make polyurethane foam (vinyl). Should never be used. 

*Triclosan-Used to stop the growth of bacteria, penetrates the skin on contact and enters the blood stream. It’s added to athletic and outdoor clothing. 

*VOC (Volatile organic compounds)- A combination of compounds including formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, toluene and benzene. The smell is released into the air and can have long-term chronic health effects, such as liver and kidney damage, nervous system and cancer risk. Also known as new building or new car smell. 

Over the past 10 years cases of childhood brain cancer has increased by 57%!
1 in 8 women will
be diagnosed with 
breast cancer!
There are over 10
commonly and widely 
used chemicals in clothes affecting fertility and reproduction in humans!