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Put our expertise to work for you. At Organic Clothing Alliance, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the Jacksonville community and nationwide. 

We are the organic clothing experts providing resources to help create awareness, educate and inspire you to Wear The Change Wear Organic!

Below are just a few of our accomplishments.  We're just getting started!
Are Your Clothes Toxic?  
Read our informative article published in EcoWatch on why wearing organic clothing is so important.  Read Now
All About Organic Clothing/Apparel
Host of Toxic Free Talk Radio speaks with Organic Clothing Alliance creator P. Davis about the importance of changing your wardrobe to organic fibers and how it can affect your overall health.  Listen In
Raw Fest Raw Odyssey-Organic
Clothing Fashion Show- Hippocrates Health Institute
Organic Clothing fashion show presented at Hippocrates Health Institute representing Organic Clothing Alliance Affiliates.  View Photos
News and Reviews for Organic Clothing Alliance
Organic Clothing: Rx for Good Health

Read our shocking article published on the American Anti-Cancer Institute website.  Read Now

Organic Clothing

Organic and natural clothing advocate P. Davis offers pointers for mothers to dress their children in safe clothing.  Article published in Healing Our World, Hippocrates Health Institute Magazine.  Read Now
Consumers Against Toxic Apparel Explains the Link Between Obesity and Fashion

CATA shares shocking information about the clothing industry and their dangerous practices.  Read Now
Reduce Your Chemical Exposure: Wear Organic Clothing

The simple act of getting dressed each day exposes our bodies to thousands of toxic, hazardous and dangerous chemicals.  Read Now

This informative conference call with P. Davis includes information about the toxicity of our clothing. Patricia started a movement across the United States called “Consumers Against Toxic Apparel”. She shares with us how and why we should be looking for clean, safe, organic and toxic free apparel.  Listen In
Is Your Clothing Making You Sick?

CATA Creator P. Davis candidly talks with Mrs. Green's World Radio about the deceptive practices of the fast fashion industry, sharing the things consumers need to know.  Listen In
Is Organic Apparel Worth The Price?

Check out this informative article published in Your True Colours Magazine.  Find out why organic matters.  Read Now
Here's How It All Began!
(Organic Style Unveiled Fashion Show Collaboration with The Girls Gone Green)
Riverside Arts Market- May 2014, Jacksonville, FL 2014
CATA "The Movement"

Patricia Davis is a champion for organic apparel she is the creator of CATA the first movement of it’s in the US. Talking to Your True Colour, Image Radio.   Listen In
Choose Organic Clothing

​Check out our very first article collaboration with Hippocrates Health Institute Healing Our World Magazine.  Read Now