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About Organic Clothing Alliance
OCA was founded on May 3, 2014 with one goal in mind- to offer conscious consumers a reliable and easy to access resource for buying organic clothing and textiles.

Organic Clothing Alliance is operated out of Jacksonville, FL. We are a subsidiary of Consumers Against Toxic Apparel. Since launching in 2014, we’ve created an alliance of organic clothing companies nationwide allowing you the opportunity to shop and save when purchasing all types of clothing for the entire family. 

Members can save 10%-15% everyday or free shipping for one full year on all their purchases with our affiliate companies.  Consumers can purchase everything from organic cotton underwear, organic kids clothing, organic casual and business attire, organic lounge/sleepwear, organic bridal, bedding, home goods and much more.  These garments and textiles are made using toxic and chemical free fabrics that are sustainable and natural fibres that are kind to the environment and better for your health.

We are bringing together companies who produce or sell toxic free, safe, clean slow fashion; giving them a voice by creating a reliable resource for cleaner clothes.  We research their history, identify their core values, trace supply chains, gain an insight of intention and question transparency.  We work to know who they truly are and learn what they hope to accomplish through their business model of doing business with consciousness. 

The fashion industry is complexed, supply chains are skewed and the business model is strictly designed to make a profit at whatever cost.  OCA/CATA helps consumers navigate the defined sectors of the industry so you can gain a greater understanding of how practices and procedures allow for human health to be compromised, workers enslaved, children exploited and our environment to be abused and destroyed.

Our years of experience in the industry affords us the knowledge of how to gain these answers and find the truth.  

Fashion is no longer simple.  It's the second largest polluter on the planet and 1 out of 6 people on the face of the earth is employed in the industry.

To  learn  more  about  us  visit:   CATA Consumers Against Toxic Apparel
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